Thursday, October 20, 2016

Discovering the Aqueducts and Trails of Metrowest

This fall I have been walking a lot. There are numerous trails around Framingham/Sudbury area. You just have to get out and get lost, and before you know it, you are on a scenic trail.

I have discovered two aqueducts that run from Sudbury Reservoir towards East. There is no sign on these aqueducts that prohibit walking on them, hence I assume they are open to public.

Aqueduct #1 (Weston Aqueduct) starts in Framingham, and ends near Weston/Rt-20. Aqueduct #2 (Hultman Aqueduct) starts in Southboro, and ends near Waltham. Both aqueducts provide tens of miles of walking on them and on their adjoining trails (for example, Carol Getchell trail starts at Weston Aqueduct near Potter Road).

Topography of these aqueducts is smooth/grassy yet hilly, which is ideal for a good workout. I have seen people running on them.

The best place to discover these aqueducts is near Potter Road at Framingham/Sudbury border.

Many trails around this area are in Nobscot Boy Scout Reservation. There are two hills in the reservation. The taller hill (Nobscot Hill) has a tower on it, and it has a hike of about 500 feet gain in altitude. The smaller hill has a much easier hike and a vista point on it provides view of some buildings in Boston.

These are some pictures of remarkable trails around my house on and near these aqueducts.

Happy scenic walks!

Raymond Reservation

Weston Aqueduct Past Sudbury River

Weston Aqueduct at Potter Road / Elm St.

A Trail off Weston Aqueduct

A Trail off Weston Aqueduct


Carol Getchell Trail

Sudbury River / Carol

A Trail in Nobscot
Nobscot Hill Climb

Nobscot Hill

Boy Scout - Nobscot

Carol Getchell Trail

Hultman Aqueduct

Hultman Aqueduct


White Pond


There's No Place On Earth Like Yellowstone

These are a few pictures of our trip to Yellowstone. We spent a week there in the summer of 2014.